From Farmhouse to Destination Restaurant

After getting wind of the possibility of taking over the lease of Tapas Ibiza. Becky & Tony saw an opportunity not to be missed, despite being a bit off the beaten track. The potential was clear to them from the start. There is no denying they fought tooth and nail in the early years, with just a few tables and minimal staff.
And with their natural charm, generosity and motivation, they have developed the restaurant into a “must visit” destination. Additionally they have attracted a wonderful, loyal team to work along side them. Helping to make the restaurant what it is today.
Tapas has really make a name for itself in recent years, even winning the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice award for the last 2 years. And featuring in uk press and attracting a huge international clientele from the far reaches of the globe, as well as TV personalities, DJ’s and Artists.

The Tapas Story so far…

Tapas Ibiza

Spring 2012: The Beginning

Tony & Becky took over the lease from Ange and Rino. And Tapas Restaurant & Garden opened with just 12 tables, a small team, a tiny kitchen and some big ideas!

2012 – 2014: The Early Years!

For the first few years, Tony & Becky worked day and night to get the business off the ground. They build the all important relationships with the locals, and local businesses to get the word out about their new project. *At this point we would really like to thank Jason and the Linekers team for their huge support in the early days, sending customers down the road to us, it really helped put us on the map.
Although once people discovered the beauty and charm of Tapas, and the incredible food that was being served. It was a given that they would return and help us to spread the word.

2015: Saying goodbye to the Palm Trees, and welcoming a New Bar and Canvas Roof

This year saw the removal of the beautiful big palm trees on the terrace, sadly they were dying. However this allowed space for a new canvas roof to be installed. Providing some all-important shade and a bit of protection from the elements. This year also saw the extension of the cocktail bar, and a new chapter began…

Head Chef Lou also joined the team this year, the creator of many of the wonderful tapas dishes you have all enjoyed over the years. And also the creator of the the now legendary Tapas Cheesecake recipe.

2016: Welcome Paulo

Multilingual Paulo, of Portuguese heritage, was a very welcome addition to the team in 2016. As our long-standing host at Tapas, he made a huge difference to the team. Especially in the early years allowing Tony to concentrate on looking after the customers while Paulo juggled the door with his natural calm and collected temperament. Paulo is still the welcoming face that greets all of our lovely customers.

2017: The Year of Love & Romance

This summer saw a very special and memorable day for Tony & Becky. Although their wedding wasn’t the first one hosted at Tapas, it was certainly the most significant one for them. The couple transformed their beautiful restaurant into a perfect wedding venue. They got married in front of their friends and family in the rustic garden and later dined on the main terrace.

2018: Welcome Ben & a New Waterproof Roof

Ben joined the management team as Bar Manager, bringing his creative flare with him. All of those delicious house cocktails have been carefully designed by Ben and his bar team. Having also recently completed a sommelier course, Ben has been integral in the development of our carefully selected wine menu.

This year also saw the very welcome addition of the new terrace roof! This made a huge difference early and late season. Providing a waterproof terrace, allowing the restaurant to stay open no matter the weather.

2019: Welcome Jess

Jess joined the team as General Manager & Marketing Manager bringing with her some new ideas and some impressive organisational skills (you should see her to-do lists). With a passion for all things creative, Jess started to work on streamlining Tapas’ brand image. As well as sprinkling her interior design flare around the restaurant, and being a regular face on the floor team.

2020: Hard Times & An Award

It wasn’t an easy year for anyone in hospitality and tourism.
The restaurant managed 3 months of trade in 2020 in spite of the pandemic, but it was not easy at all.
As ever Becky & Tony chose to take all the positives they could from this experience. Taking this hopefully once in a lifetime opportunity to sit back, reflect and look at the business objectively. Coming up with some ideas on how things can be done even better, to keep at the top of their game.

A big glimmer of reassurance came towards the end of the season when we won the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award, making us in the top 10% of restaurants in the world.

2021: The Year of Blind Faith and a New Brand Image! 

During the enforced long winter of 2020 / 2021, the management team decided to take advantage of the extended off-season and work together to create a new fresh brand image. Which was launched in the Spring of 2021. 

With crazy rules to start with (that were changing every 14 days), and minimal staff, the season went from strength to strength. With Becky & Jess splitting the terrace between them it was a full-on summer. However, thanks to our amazing international clientele and support from friends, regular customers and local businesses we finished the season stronger than ever!

Saying goodbye to Head Chef Lou, as Alex steps up as Head Chef

Lou left the team at the end of 2020 to start a new chapter of her life on the mainland. Lou and Alex worked closely this summer to allow for the smooth transition.
Alex has been a part of the Tapas Story since 2016. 2021 saw him step up and take over as Head Chef. With his calm nature, and exceptional culinary skills, Greek-born Alex and his dedicated team ensure the smooth service of our mouthwatering Tapas menu. Whilst expressing their creative flare with nightly specials.

And yes, we won the Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Award for the second year running…

2022: A New Interior and New Garden Dining Area 

Not ones for resting on their laurels. Becky and Tony invested back into the business again during the winter and reformed the interior of Tapas with the addition of a new disabled toilet, a new men’s toilet. As well as a new look interior. 

At the end of Summer 2021, the big old fig tree in the garden sadly fell down, taking the old garden bar and the tent with it. As ever Becky and Tony saw this as an opportunity! And with the help of the team reconfigured the garden area to allow for more space for group bookings, weddings and events. 

This Summer we also had the pleasure of hosting two beautiful Weddings at Tapas. Congratulations to Emma & Jack and Nikki & Danny we wish you long and happy lives together.

Lastly we would like to thank our amazing team: Jess, Ben, Alex, Sofia, Andre, Ricardo, Seren, George, Ovi, Paulo, Ed, Tamara, Daniel, Mamadou, Imre, Riz, Hugo, Seb, Chris, Ty, Lehmad and Azman.

And a final special mention to a few key people that have played an important role in the Tapas story over the years. Bonnie, Juanma and Darren.

Team Tapas

A Final Thought: We look forward to what the future holds.
We will continue to do our best, and keep the restaurant evolving to be better and better. That means better food, better drinks, better service. We aim to be a restaurant for everyone, regardless of any dietary requirements or preferences. We want every single customer to be blown away by the tapas experience, and leave the restaurant excited to spread the word.
Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond…

Team Tapas

Running for Hope & Homes

As excited as we are about the Summer and everything that comes with it… Relaxing beach days, long lunches, great restaurants, cocktails to die for, dancing the night away…

This winter, Tapas owners Tony & Becky have been putting their endless energy and enthusiasm to the test, and have been training hard…
Their grit and determination will finally be put to the test with their upcoming sporting challenges.

  • Tony will be running The Ibiza Marathon on Saturday 8th April 2022. 
  • And both Tony & Becky will be running The Ibiza Half Marathon on Sunday 1st May 2022.

We are very aware that the world is all a bit upside down at the moment. With the horrific situation ongoing in Ukraine. The fallout from the conflict seems to be never-ending. Becky & Tony have chosen to run their marathons in aid of Hope and Homes for Children. A wonderful charity working closely with neighbouring Romania & Moldova. To help safely home orphaned children escaping from war-torn Ukraine. 

Who are Hope and Homes for Children? 

Hope and Homes have been working to transform the lives of children in orphanages since 1994. Today they are working with children in 30 countries. Where their teams of skilled, local child-protection professionals strive to keep families together, reunite or build new families.

As the war in Ukraine intensifies, many people want to do something – anything – to help. By donating to their work in UkraineMoldova and Romania, you’ll be protecting children and families both now and in the aftermath of this horrible war. 

READ MORE: About the Home and Homes Urgent Ukraine Appeal

“We fight for every child to feel the love and belonging of a safe family home. 
Every child needs someone who supports them & takes care of them, who wants them to be happy.
Every child needs to know they are loved & they belong.” 

Home and Homes for Children

In the past month, Home and Homes have successfully moved children from Ukraine into neighbouring Romania. Here they will be safe and cared for until they can return home. Sadly, with so much chaos comes a higher chance of children getting lost out of the system, and potentially being lost into trafficking too. This is why their Ukraine appeal is so time-sensitive.

READ MORE: About the recent successful evacuation of 63 children

“These children were evacuated in a coordinated fashion, only when the time was right, by the right professionals, and in conjunction with local authorities in Ukraine and in Romania. It was a long journey, but the children are now safe and well, and receiving psychological support.

We are ensuring that these children get what we demand for every child. They are tracked. That they are relocated to temporary safe accommodation, close to Ukraine. That they are not lost into far away institutions around the world, or at risk of trafficking. That they are relocated with their care-givers (and their carers’ families) – the ones who know best the children’s individual needs, treatments or simply their preferences. They’ve been kept together.

This evacuation is an example of best practice. And we demand the same for the 100,000 children left behind in Ukrainian orphanages.”

Robert Ion, Spokesperson, Home and Homes for Children Romanian

If you would like to donate to Becky & Tony. To give them the extra push that they need along the way to keep going to the finish line. All donations will be very gratefully received.

We Won! again…

It is with great pride (and happy tears in our eyes), that we can announce that we have won the TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award 2021, for the second year running!

For anyone that hasn’t heard of it, the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award celebrates restaurants that consistently deliver a fantastic experience to travellers around the world. The hospitality industry has been hit really hard by the pandemic, and more so those that are located in seasonal tourist destinations. In these particularly challenging times, we are extremely proud that we have managed to stand out again, by providing great service and a memorable experience to our lovely guests. We did only manage 3 months of trade in 2020, but we made those 3 months count as best we could.

This award puts us in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide, for delivering a consistently great experience to our customers. Now that really is something to be proud of!

With all this in mind, we really want to thank our fantastic team for working so hard in these really challenging times. Sweating through their masks, adhering to the ever changing and sometimes illogical rules and restrictions. And generally doing what they can to help us keep the business going in these hard times.

Special thanks to our wonderful Kitchen team, lead by our fantastic Head Chef Alex, for consistently preparing amazing innovative dishes that our customers are really wowed by. Thanks to the wonderful Bar team, lead by our creative Bar Manager Ben, for inventing some amazing moreish house cocktails, and much more. Thanks to the ever smiling front of house team, for making sure everyone receives a warm welcome and a truly memorable experience.

And to everyone that has done their bit to make Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar what it is today…

And mostly, thanks to you, our loyal customers, for your consistent support. Whether you have shared a review of your experience on tripadvisor, or on our google business page. Dined with us, told your friends about us, made an instastory and tagged us in it, shared a post, liked one of our social media posts, or even are just reading this blog, it all counts. And we are very grateful.

We are off to crack open a bottle of something fizzy now, and we look forward to welcoming more of you to Tapas over the next few weeks of the season, and for many more years to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you..


We are Open! Ibiza Summer 2021

With more positive news from the Spanish governments yesterday, we are feeling even more positive about the Ibiza Summer 2021 Season. We are now allowed to open “without interruption”. Meaning we can open a bit earlier in the evening, although the close time remains a firm 10:30pm.

But we are really pleased with this development, and happy that we can extend our evening dining slots to be able to accommodate more of you. Our new opening times will be in place for the next two weeks, until the next announcement.

New Opening Times

Monday – Saturday 6:00pm – 10:30pm

Sunday 1:00pm – 7:00pm

Tapas Ibiza

How is the island right now? 

Having been open at Tapas since the end of March. We have seen a steady increase in tourism over the last couple of weeks. Welcoming a lovely selection of international diners visiting from the mainland, Holland, Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland… hold tight England, it will be your turn soon!

There is a definite buzz about the island at the moment, with the temperature hotting up, and more and more Opening Parties being announced every day. That coupled with a steady flow of European tourists arriving on the island, bringing with them a positive attitude to travel and tourism.

With the rules changing every two weeks, we think the most googled question in Ibiza at the moment must be “restaurants open in Ibiza now?” and we are proud to be one of them.

The media might have us on an emotional rollercoaster. But we are confident that businesses, customers and tourists all know the rules. And it is time for everyone to get on with enjoying life, just with a little extra dose of caution for now… 

What’s on the menu at Tapas at the moment? 

Having opened with a smaller team to start with… we have a slightly smaller Tapas menu available, but don’t worry, there is still plenty of choice. The Tapas Kitchen is certainly making are making up for it with some fantastic daily specials to get your taste buds going.

On Sundays we have also been really enjoying flying the “Sunday Roast” flag for our sister restaurant Relish Restaurant & Pool Bar. With Relish’s Head Chef joining us every Sunday to prepare his famous Sunday feast, here at Tapas, until Relish opens back up for the season.

We have also been really enjoying experimenting with a few new dishes, for our Relish’s ‘World Tapas’ Menu and a some new creations for our house cocktails menus. Lots of exciting things to come this Summer..

Final Thoughts…

We just want to say a massive thank you to Ibiza’s wonderful local and international residents, who have shown us unwavering support. And to all the new faces that have joined us, it has been a pleasure getting to know you. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new tourists and hearing their experiences over the last year or so. And last, but by no means least, thanks to our wonderful, supportive, hard working team, we couldn’t do it without you.

Thanks to all of you, we are able to do what we love, and we couldn’t be happier…

Thank You
Team Tapas X

If you are on the island, and fancy paying us a visit, we are recommending booking a table as we have limited availability some days!

Vegan Food – Not Just for Vegans

Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar

At Tapas we pride ourselves on serving good food, that is made with fresh local ingredients as much as possible. Our theory is, the fresher, and better quality the ingredients, the better the final dish will taste, and the happier our loyal customers will be! 

Also high on our list of priorities when introducing items to the menu, is to make sure we offer a wide selection of dishes to cater for our clients dietary requirements. Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, have a dairy or gluten intolerance, or none of the above, there is something on our menu for you!

With all the latest research and the sheer amount of information available to us now, people are becoming more informed about where their food comes from. And are more informed about the effects of consumption of various food has on your wellbeing, and our planet!

We want you to have the information too, so we take care to list it on our menu, although sadly we still won’t be giving away our safely guarded recipes, just yet anyway! 

Consumers have become more aware of what they eat. People seek fresh products, which are natural, organic and minimally processed

Focusing Future

Some of our fantastic vegan dishes that you can enjoy from our enticing menu.

  • Our Red Pesto Greens, are extremely popular new addition to the menu, these tasty veggies (broccoli, asparagus and green beans) really have the wow factor. 
  • We have a new Garlic Mushrooms option for you! Although these aren’t listed on the menu as vegan, we have been working away behind the scenes to prepare them so they can be prepared slightly differently, making them super tasty, and vegan! (be sure ask your waiter for this option)
  • Having done some research, we still aren’t 100% sure which which came first, the spicy tomato sauce & aioli bravas topping, or the slightly sweeter Paprika sauce option. We introduced the Paprika Potatoes onto the menu as a tasty alternative. Although we have always been able to make the traditional Patatas Bravas with the vegan alioli, and still can.
  • Super Green Quinoa Salad, what’s not to love, as much as a vegan salad is relatively easy to put together, we have combined some fresh Summer flavours here to hold together this super tasty and refreshing Summer salad.  
  • Our Black Bean & Saukraut Salad. With fermented foods proven to be great for your gut health, this flavour combination salad is fresh tasty and great for your tummy.
  • What’s not to love about a Hummus Board, served with homemade cumin tortilla chips.
  • If you, like many other LOVE aioli, you can still enjoy a “pan y aioli’ with our delicious Vegan Basil Alioli
  • A couple of firm favourites on our menu, the colourful and super tasty Broccoli & Chickpea Coconut Curry and the fruity Mixed Bean Tagine
  • And finally, if you want the real wow factor you have to try out our amazing Chocolate & Orange Tort, served with a delicious chocolate sauce. Unless you notice the “v” next to this dish, you wouldn’t know that this creamy dessert is vegan.

Vegan or Not, we are always keen to hear your feedback, and we hope you enjoy you experience at Tapas

From Disaster To Dream Wedding…

Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar

Ione & Sam were in the later stages of arranging the last little details prior to their dream Ibiza Wedding, when they were served a curve ball neither of them could have anticipated. Their wedding venue had been forced to close!!!

Luckily they had already booked Ibiza Celebrant, Carly Marie, who was quick to the rescue!! Carly quickly got in touch with us at Tapas, and a couple of other venues to see if it would be something we could help with. Sam & Ione then quickly flew out to have a look at the venues, and chose Tapas.

On meeting Ione & Sam there was no doubt we wanted to do everything we could to help them. They were possible the most chilled couple we have ever worked with, they were happy with anything we could do to save their big day.

The couple had chosen Ibiza for their wedding because it was where they had had their first holiday as a couple, and have since returned many times to the beautiful island. It had been a well established dream for them to get married in Ibiza, and celebrate their love in front of a select handful of close family and friends, before starting the rest of their lives together.


Ione & Sam

Ione & Sam had a limited budget for their wedding. They had been living with Sam’s parents to save money for their wedding, and to buy their dream marital home together. Fortunately the Tapas Garden doesn’t need much to transform it into a beautiful romantic wedding backdrop. With a bit of vision and creativity from the Tapas Events Team, they managed to transform the garden by adding a few romantic touches.

In all honestly, the main objective for this beautiful couple was to get married, and celebrate their love, nothing else mattered…

As well as being a celebrant, Carly is also a singer… after the ceremony Carly sang accompanied by Patrick Levy on guitar. Another truly touching moment on the day was when Sam’s little sister picked up the microphone and surprised the newly weds with a beautiful song, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Finally, we would like wish Sam & Ione a very Happy Anniversary, and to thank them for allowing us to share their story.
We would also like to thank to Carly for all her help assisting with the last minute wedding plans, and putting Sam & Ione in touch with us.
And finally, to Anne for kindly sharing her beautiful photographs with us.

If you are thinking of hosting your dream destination wedding in Ibiza…
Check out our Weddings Page

Celebrant / Singer: Carly Marie, Ibiza Celebrant. Instagram Website
Photographer: Anne Walker, Ibiza Photography. Instagram Website
Venue: Tapas Ibiza Instagram

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